customised software

The case for customised software

A strategic advantage


Can an off-the-shelf software package give you a competitive advantage? Maybe. Or just market parity? Probably. If you’re looking for an edge, think about exploring customised software development as an exciting option.

An experienced software development company such as dataX understands business processes and this value – together with your own understanding of your industry and its nuances – can give you an important edge, increasing the value of your business.

Expand your thinking from functional requirements to how you can improve your competitive position, open up new business opportunities and positively impact on costs. Importantly, also think about your employees as you create a front-end with usability in mind.


It is not necessarily correct that customised software solutions cost more than off-the-shelf packages. Once you have worked through the costs of licenses, user training and implementing alternative or workaround solutions, you might find that the costs associated with customised software solutions are in fact cheaper than ready-made packages. And then, in terms of return on investment, consider how a custom software solution can add material value to your company (see 1. Edge).


A company such as dataX has been developing customised software solutions globally for twenty years so you are dealing with a stable company where engineering creativity is matched by strong business processes.

When you need support, it is probable that you’ll be speaking to a dataX founding partner such as Louie Storm or a software engineer who was intimately involved in the build of your project. You’ll certainly not be logging a call at a multi-national support desk where nobody knows you or has empathy for the impact on your business.

“It is true that people focus on cost perceptions when making a decision whether to buy ready-made software or look at customised software development. Today, businesses need to think more strategically and look at every opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, improve processes and yes, provide a return on investment,” says Louie Storm of dataX.