New dataX positioning isn’t new

The new strapline of dataX perfectly fits what they’re about according to Gary Hendrickse, CEO of brand & design company Sherpa.

Changing the world.
After coffee.

We’ve known Louie Storm and dataX for 10 years now. We’ve worked together on projects, locally and globally. In getting to the essence of dataX, we just sat back and thought about why we enjoyed working with Louie and his team. Why do clients connect with dataX?”

Perhaps it is because non-tech business owners or executives can be intimidated by software developers, that software developers carry the perception of “… gifted… genius… but somewhat egotistical…”.

If this is indeed true, than Louie and dataX can probably be described as Anti-Devs.

They talk business and processes to clients, not tech. Louie, in particular, is irreverent about the whole dev hype. They change the clients’ world, making it a better place. The first part of the strapline “Changing the world” is tongue-in-cheek.  And they’ll change the world (the client’s world, that is) only after a thorough mapping process involving many mugs of coffee.

And they love their coffee!